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As a company we are committed to improving our service to you and as part of this we recognise the importance of website accessibility. We fully support the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Guidelines and over the coming months we are implementing a programme to address accessibility and usability requirements.

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Helpful Information on Accessible Travel.

This information is intended for your guidance only and is not intended to be comprehensive, nor is it an exhaustive list of the issues you may need to consider.

We would advise you to book at the earliest opportunity. It is worth noting that some third party carriers and/or other third party(ies) have specific rules for certain types of special assistance and we will do all we are reasonably able to assist you with this. For example, some airlines may require the completion of a Standard Medical Form prior to travel. This may require completion by yourself and your GP. Frequent travellers with the same airline may be able to complete a long term-medical form to remove the need to complete forms for each trip.

It may be possible with some airlines to pre-book arrangements which allow you to be seated more easily or to be met on your arrival at an airport. It may also be possible to request information on the accessibility features of an airplane on which you will be travelling, or to request to be accompanied by a service animal such as a guide dog.

As with air travel, other modes of travel are often best enjoyed where the carrier is informed at the earliest opportunity of any special requirements.

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