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About us

Through our parent company Hogg Robinson Group, HRG Luxembourg has a long and prestigious history: more than 160 years of experience specialising in a range of high quality corporate services for multinational and national clients throughout the decades.

With a proven track record of stability, experience and delivering on promise, our philosophy is to focus on offering a comprehensive and extensive range of services which deliver real value for our corporate clients.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes Corporate Travel Management, Consulting, Sports, Expense Management and Events and Meetings Management.

With an award-winning reputation, HRG provides expertise in global capabilities and local knowledge, non-aligned leading edge technology, a strong heritage in the business travel arena and a true understanding of corporate cultures.

Today present in almost 100 countries including all the key driver markets around the world, HRG is totally committed to delivering a value offering to its extensive client base.

HRG Luxembourg (a trading name of Select Travel S.A.) (Incorporated and Registered in Luxembourg, Registered Office: 3 place de la Gare, L-1616 Luxembourg. Company No. R.C.S. Luxembourg N B 53439). 2006 - 2007. HRG is a trade mark of the Hogg Robinson Group. All rights reserved.